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I was born in Viseu and currently live in Lisbon. I am a professor and researcher, with a doctorate in Philosophy of Music and Technology, a master’s degree and a degree in Philosophy. Having carried out studies in the areas of philosophy, teaching and communication studies, I have training in music and sound recording and editing. I have been a lecturer on undergraduate and master’s degrees in the areas of music science, sound studies, communication, teaching and multimedia, where I have supervised doctoral and master’s theses, as well as internships and final degree projects. I am a full member of CESEM (Centre for the Study of Sociology and Musical Aesthetics), and I have worked as a musician, sound editor, video editor and director. In parallel, I have  developed research on musicology, philosophy of music, aesthetics, music teaching and multimedia, with the publication of articles and participation in national and international conferences. I am also an occasional photographer, with a keen interest in image studies.

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